We’ve lost count of the damages: Regeneracion Radio

On the night of Tuesday 7th of March, 2017, we went into our radio after discovering that the transmission was down. The first thing we saw was our space destroyed after only having been re-launched 11 months earlier.

On that day of re-inauguration, the 10th of April 2016, we said: “Today we are back, shouting louder than ever that they’re not going to shut us up”. These weren’t only words.

Today, seeing that our second home has been dismantled and totally gutted, we turn to look at our history. We take out our calculators just to confirm that – we’ve lost count of the damages. The amount of times that our eyes have looked at demolished work that we had put our hearts and so much effort into, when you look at destroyed equipment or it’s absence, the split lip, the black eye or the collapsed compañero who defended a collectivity with his life: consequences of the attacks.

On the contrary, we’ve lost count in a magnificent way: of attentive eyes and ears, comrade’s embraces, the encouraging voices, the ready hands: the solidarity, that today we dare to say is Regeneracíon Radio’s beating heart.

Because Regeneracíon Radio isn’t a cold, robotic presenter behind a microphone, nor is it a lazy reporter systematically gripping a camera’s shutter. Regeneracíon Radio is the price of not being a cog in the broken system of death, the price of not wanting to be the capitalist’s capricious toy.

It’s because of all of this that today we dare again to ask for your solidarity in order to reconstruct this space. Because we know that we are the outcome of everyone who, after every fall, has joined with us to pull us up. Because, even back in 2015 when they almost killed us, we survived because of you all.

Sometimes it’s tiring, sometimes its tempting to imagine taking a step back. But then – like a well placed, well-timed slap in the face – the pain of an entire people makes us remember why we started, why we continue, why we don’t want, and why we can’t, nor should we, take one step backwards. It’s painful, that is true, but (otherwise) we wouldn’t know how to “regenerate” – how to continue whispering, singing and shouting: #ComunicaciónContraElPoder (#CommunicationAgainstPower)

Regeneración Radio

We leave the following bank account where we can receive support towards the replacement of the stolen equipment.

Bank Account: 6446897369
Code: 021180064468973698
Name: Sandra Suaste

For international donations please use the Paypal function on this website (www.regeneracionradio.org.mx) or contact the collective to make arrangements regeneracion.radio@gmail.com

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