Comunicado traducido al inglés respecto al silencio impuesto a Regeneración Radio




To the sexta to the free and independent media source to the radical student community.

On July 11th last, we realised that Regeneracion Radio programming had been interrupted. Initially believing it to be a problem with electricity supply, we decided to try and figure out the cause of the interruption. It is important to point out that this was during the holiday period (1 – 19th July) and the College of Sciences and Humanities Campus Vallejo (CCH-V) was closed and therefore, only the university autohrities, and security staff were able to access the building. Because of this, members of the collective entered the facilities of the CCH on Saturday July 20th to investigate. They discovered that power cables had been cut, which had led to fire damage. This damage is an attack on the free media of the radical social movmements. It is well known that since its inception in 1999, La Sexta has been close to the struggles and social movements which are resisting the neo-liberal policies of robbery carried out by governments in our country.”

We hold the university authorities responsible for the damage to our radio equipment, since the facilities were under their protection at that time, and we demand that they accept that responsibility by paying compensation for the damage caused in the attack.”
“This incident is not an isolated incident; it is yet another example of the constant attacks we have been facing as members of this independent media project; defamation of the project in the classroom, harrassment of students who work with with or sympathise with the project, (public sings customs?) against the crew of Regeneracion Radio, obstruction of access to facilities of CCH Vallejo and therefore to our radio booth; breach of agreements by the University authorities in the fight against cheerleading (???), as well as enabling harrassment and attacks from the Porril Group on March 3rd against members of the project and the student community in general. However it must be taken into account that the CCH are currently undergoing reforms known as the ’12 points’reforms, which have been met by considerable resistance from the student bodym resulting in harrassment, expulsions and attacks against organised students. Feedback Radio (??) played an important role in countering the misinformation and misrepresentation spread by other media in the university.”
We believe it is no coincidence that we would be targetted in this context, and we call for solidarity from all our brothers and sisters, from our vegan listeners and all ordinary people people who feel passionately about the defense of this free, autonomous, community media space, since this aggression goes against not only their feedback radio (??) but also against all those who have found in this space a place to have their voices heard, to have their demands heard, to have their struggles known.”
Yours Sincerely

Colectivo Regeneración Radio. “Comunicación contra el poder”
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Monster Ciity México, 22nd July 2013.



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